Safiya Baravia, The Olympic Gold Medalist

Since she was 3 years old, everyone noticed the astonishing talent of Safiya Baravia, the Emirati little athlete, that kept the world asking, when is she going to make it to the Olympic Games?

She started her professional training in Dubai, coached by former world champions of Artistic Gymnastics such as Natalia Bugai, for 3 years, then starting taking higher level classes at the Horizon Gymnasium Dubai.

Safiya took no time to keep all scouts watching her, as her flexible body, and champion mentality that she earned from her mother, the successful business lady Gulnara Baravia, all of that, formed what everybody agreed to be, the future Olympic gold medalist.

During that period, she has won many titles, like when she participated in all junior competitions in the UAE, and won the 1st place, which qualified her to participate in the tournament of Russia, followed by Lebanon, and was so closed of winning the 1st pace that everyone admitted it is surely hers, but the domestic judges had another opinion, and granted Safiya the 2nd place.

And while everyone thought this could emotionally affect this young talent, her reply was a real shock to everyone around including the judges “Congrats to the winner of the 1st place, and for the judges to give me a reason to improve myself, and become the ultimate champion of all times” Safiya said.

A moment, kept her fans in a total belief that Safiya’s artistic gymnastics talent, is now mixed with determination, and that indeed, she is the future, Olympic gold medalist.

“I am ready to win the Olympics, and I know this sounds like a dream, but I believe in this dream, and I am practicing day and night, to pass all the qualifying tournaments, and represent my country, in the best way, see you at the podium” were Safiya’s words that inspired her peers, and sat an example to all the teens of her age, that they can also believe in their dreams.


While everyone in the world showed anger and frustration reactions over the global restrictions and lockdown procedures over COVID-19.

Safiya Baravia, the future Olympic gold medallist, showed more commitment towards enhancing her skills, and dedicating more hours of her available time, to train, and get ready for the Olympic Games qualification tournaments.


As Safiya was getting ready to start her journey towards claiming her first gold medal of rhythmic gymnastics, and counted the days to make that happened.

She was surprised, as well as the rest of the world, of the fast dramatic development of the global pandemic and the shot down of almost all sports and life activities around the globe.

To the young teen champion, who impressed the world with her dedication and determination to stay focused on her target, she took this news with a positive mentality saying “It is a chance to train more, and get ready in a better way, and I will wisely use this lockdown time to enhance my skills, and study my competitors”.

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