The future Olympic champion

Safiya Baravia, an Emirati 'wonderkid' who has been risen recently stroke the media with her best performance in rhythmic gymnastic. "The future Olympic champion" is representing Dubai in various competitions in Lebanon and The Middle East, as well as Russia.

She started her professional training in Dubai, coached by former world champions of Artistic Gymnastics such as Natalia Bugai, for 3 years, then starting taking higher level classes at the Horizon Gymnasium Dubai.

Her passion and dedication towards success gave her a chance to win the top places and got some valuable medals and certificates. The champion mentality that she earned for her mother, the successful business lady Gulnara Baravia, makes her took no time to keep all scouts watching her.

Safiya continues her training and started sharing with her fans over social media, videos and insights of her training progress, with tips on how to manage their time, while focusing as well, on being a straight A student at her school.

During that period, Safiya participated in all junior competitions in the UAE, and won the 1st place. Many believe that Safiya's artistic gymnastic talent is now mixed with determination, and indeed, she is the future, Olympic gold medalist.

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